Stressed out about dad.

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Stressed out about dad.

Post by Fallen_Angel on Wed May 11, 2016 5:01 pm

Okay, so there has been this thing that has been stressing me out. I have taken one year of French during my freshman year. Though it is not necessary to graduate, most colleges want two consecutive years of a language. I am a junior now, and I'm taking and online Mandarin course that has to be finished by the end of June/ the beginning of July. Now the course was suppose to be over the course of the whole school year, and I have completely neglected the course. Now my dad is getting a bit anxious and is nagging me 24/7 and it is really pushing me to wits end. I know that I have to face the consequences and complete the course, but the fact that my dad won't quit badgering me just really irritates me to the point that I just instantly snap whenever he confronts me. Any commentary on my situation?


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